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pipe locating service in Ventura

Underground Utility Locating in Ventura

We are a privately owned business located in beautiful Ventura California. Spearhead Locating Services Inc. performs underground utility locating in Ventura, Santa Barbara and L.A. counties. Locating your utilities before you excavate is not only smart, it's the law. Call 811 Dig Alert first, they will locate your utilities to the meters for free. From there, any excavation done beyond the meters on to your property needs a private locator like Spearhead Locating Services. Call us for all of your private locating needs. We are prompt and in most cases can be on your job site within 24 hours and we guarantee our pricing to be the lowest cost to you.

Spearhead Loc​ating Services Inc.  

Serving Ventura, Santa Barbara and L.A. counties

Utility locating and CCTV sewer inspection services